Tis' The Style Season: SoulSlayze + The Movement LA Fashion Show

Model Zarriya Walks In KWatersFashionGGI Designs With Designer Kisha Waters At The SoulSlayze Fashion Show Photo by Monty Images

The Fall Style Season kicked off September 16th at the SoulSlayze + The Movement LA Fashion Show! Held at the esteemed 1010 Rooftop in Los Angeles, Claifornia this incredible event was helmed by Fashion Mogul Kisha Waters. I knew this would be a stellar event based off of the last time Young, Bold, And Regal sat with Kisha for a sit down interview. As a Creative Director of LUXE Kurves Magazine, an accomplished Stylist, and  Designer of KWatersFashionGGI - Kisha has been carefully planning this Fashion Show for months along with the team at #TheMovementLA. I entered the Rooftop and the night was already lit with attendees stuntin' in their best style, models perfecting their runway walk, staff preparing the goodie bags with fashion treats, and designers putting the final touches on their designs.

As the night eased in the DJ kept the place bumpin' with classic Hip Hop cuts and the Red Carpet grew ever so crowded. The pre-festivities lead into the main fashion show. In between each design we were provided with one of the splashiest, quite literally, performances of the night coming from B. Slade who decided to do a backwards descent into the pool. The crowd was wowed by his performance as well as his antics. The standout designs of the night came from Kisha Waters and her KWatersFashionGGI line. She wasn't giving any secrets to her new line and now I knew why. It was bold, it was daring, it was different. Coming out in dramatic fashion Model Jovanna Honey had a beautiful arrogance to her walk that was so fitting for Kisha's design. Wearing a sheer gold top and a gold sheer dress the theme could of easily been Black Is Beautiful, Black Is Gold. Followed by her was the Model Zarriya who's look wasn't only unique her walk was confident, you can feel she belonged there. While taking photos I noticed, her mother cheering her on - that was a moment for sure. It pays off to Walk In Your Royalty, just ask Zarriya. In a mad rush, the fashion show had ended on  such an outstanding note. Kisha hand in hand with her models. The SoulSlayze + The Movement LA Fashion Show was an exciting introduction to this Style Season. Filled with fashionistas looking to highlight their fits,to first time attendees of a fashion show looking to get a taste of the industry, to eager designers desiring the love from the crowd it was all there that night. We are looking forward to the next fashion show this season and only hope it can be as great as this one.

Photos By Evan Jackson

Photos by Monty Images


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