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Sexy Domestic: Phylicia Jackson Interview 

 Residing in London the adventurer Phylicia Jackson has traveled the world in less than 80 days, cooked great meals, and made the lifestyle website Sexy Domestic. She's making cooking, crafting, and homemaking look a lot less homely and a lot more sexier, finally. 

Taking a look at your travel blog, The Dandelion Travels, It’s safe to say you’re a globe trotter. How have your adventures around the world influenced you?

Yes, I started traveling internationally for modelling shoots when I was about 20 and I was very timid at first, but with each trip I've become obsessed by experiencing new cultures and it's really made me fearless in a way. Food wise, I learn so much about different cooking techniques and flavors, and they always stick with me. I usually make it a point to chat with the chef if I really, really loved a dish so I can learn about it. Some people come home with a keychain souvenir, I bring home recipes! 

What were some of the most memorable places you’ve visited?

I did a shoot in the Bahamas once and got to stay on a private island for a week! We got to eat lobster everyday fresh from the ocean and the water was like glass and super warm. I also had a great time in Cancun which surprised me because I was totally expecting trashy spring break craziness but that's only parts of Cancun. Our resort, Le Blanc, was AMAZING! Tequila tastings, clean calm beaches, 24 hour room service and we got to release baby leather back sea turtles to the ocean one night so the birds don't pick them off. It was so sweet! 

What were some of the meals you’ve had on your travels that warmed your soul? Delicious meals that made you feel good after you ate it.

My sisters and I went to Melbourne, Australia for a couple weeks one year and our hosts took us to this wonderful hidden gem of a restaurant called Robert Burns. They serve Spanish food and tapas and there was this shrimp dish, shrimp bravas. Oh. My. Yum. It was basically shrimp in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce and they serve it with garlic bread. Simple but to die for! I'm also obsessed with a sushi place near where I live now, Dinings. It's such an atypical sushi place, very high quality melt in your mouth fish. We always order anything with truffle. Truffle everything! 
And there's a fabulous restaurant in Paris called Derrière and they dish up THE BEST slow cooked beef cheeks in a red wine reduction. Unbelievably rich and delicious. Puts me in a food coma every time! 

How did you come up with the name for your site, Sexy Domestic? And what made you decide to infuse your travels around the world, fitness workouts, DIY projects and love for food in Sexy Domestic?  

I came up with Sexy Domestic originally because of Pintrest. I could literally flick through Pintrest for hours on end and I think of all the social media sites, it's probably the healthiest to do that because it sparks creativity and motivation. I also wanted Sexy Domestic to represent that you don't have to come off as homely or nerdy if you love cooking, crafting and homemaking. In my opinion, that's sexier than only worrying about the latest designer, whatever or what Kim Kardashian is doing.

You are very creative when it comes to cooking, combining food you wouldn’t think to put together. But it looks great! How do you come up with those meals?

You know what, I honestly don't even know! These ideas just pop into my brain randomly at any time and I jot them down right away and then create them later. Sometimes I get inspiration from things I see at restaurants, but mostly it's just come out of nowhere.

You would be a great host for a party. What would be some unique drinks that you would make to entertain your guests?

Well I'm having a 4th of July BBQ this weekend and planning on whipping up some blended watermelon basil skinny margaritas and Cava sangria with tropical fruit.

What are some of the favorite meals you’ve made?

 I make a mean scallop and pancetta chowder. We literally can't help but eat the entire vat in one day. I also love making a nice traditions Sunday roast with veggies.

Is it difficult to find that balance of staying in shape and cooking all of that yummy food?

Well, it can be but my trick is to make sure I do some form of exercise for at least an hour Monday through Friday and I get the weekends off. I also generally cook pretty healthy meals, especially since I'm in school to be a nutritionist and fitness coach! 

What is your workout routine to start the day?

I do a combination of 1 hour strength yoga 3 times a week, 45 minutes of running up the stairs 3 times a week, 45 minutes of swimming twice a week, weight training twice a week and ab work twice a week. I pretty much mix and match all of these each week.

Where can we reach you?

Email: for any questions, @itsphyliciaj and @phyliciasfitfood on Instagram,,, @sexydomestic on twitter. Sexy Domestic on Facebook.

Phylicia at the Caernarfon Castle, North Wales


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