Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1- 'Out of The Shadows' Recap: A Whimsical Return To Form For The Streaming Phenomanon!

by Evan L. Jackson

The return of one of Netflix's original biggest hit in Bridgerton Season 3 had been very much welcomed. Coming off of the spin-off prequel in Queen Charlotte, we loved it all and were enticed to see what would come next. To my surprise they had made a lothario of sorts since he's come back from his travels. A charmer of not only many women who are wanting to be wed this season but also those looking those who want to be bed. Penolope is front and center one of the focal points as she well overdue to find a suitor and rudely reminded by her mother and sisters. This pressure causes anxiety as she fumbles over her words and often confuses suitors with her awkward nature. Also, she is incredibly miffed that came back and rebuffed the idea of having her hand in marriage. The key question this episode is can a lifelong friendship spawn a love match? Is it too later to call back love? 

  The title of this episode offers so much into the overall season but we won't skip ahead. Lady Whistledown  



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