Ella Mai Ascends To Superstar Status With Heart On My Sleeve Tour


by Evan L. Jackson 

In a pink ensemble and gleaming towards the crowd with a Cheshire grin you felt the star power illuminating from Ella Mai. Her stage presence for her Heart On My Sleeve Tour was magnificent. The crowd was already anticipating her with the overall theme being love. Couples there embracing and bracing themselves for a fantastic night ahead, best friends forever hyping each other up before Ella Mai touched the stage, and hey! Even an eager father putting his daughter on his shoulders so she can get a better look of the star of the night, Ella Mai. 

   What's so impressive about Ella Mai's catalog of music is that she handles it with such ease within the structucre of her tour. You definitely feel the eagerness of the crowd to hear her mega-classic "Boo'd Up" but her arsenal of "10,000" hours to the newest songs on her Heart On My Sleeve album its a melody of magic. And of course, in the middle of this masterclass of music on stage she brings out THE master of swooning a crowd in non other than Babyface. The crowd was floored! One of my favorite moments of the night was when she did 'Shot Clock' but slowed it down to emphasis the flick of her wrist emulating the song's metaphor. Overall the concert was so fun, with Ella Mai making you feel light in your heart and juxtaposing that with the depth of her songs. So deeply felt and well crafted she admitted to the crowd this was her first major tour in four years. Her patience with her making this latest album combined with refining her performance on stage has ushered her into superstar status. That ability to have massive hit songs and also songs that fans know word by word gives you a balance in a musical career only people can wish for. Ingratiating herself to the audience and clever quips to the crowd you can feel the confidence coming form this ascending star. If she is in your city: goto this concert, sing your heart out, and know that she will give a hell of a performance. 

photos courtsey of Live Nation*


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