Young Avengers Members Assemble At Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy Premiere! Iman Vellani, Xochtil Gomez, & Dominique Thorne Look Stunning!

by Evan L. Jackson 

Marvel's Guardian of The Galaxy had the premiere in true Hollywood fashion with so many stars in attendance. The funnest moment for me was seeing three budding stars who are primed to take over the Marvel Cinematic Universe which they've proven with their respective Disney Plus series and one on the way. Actress Iman Vellani who portrays Ms.Marvel, Xochitl Gomez who portrays America Chavez, and Dominque Thorne who plays IronHeart, are seen in great embrace on the Guardians of The Galaxy premiere.

The last time we sam Xochtil do her magic on screen she was in the opening scenes of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. She was a spunky teenager who's powers were a pivital plot point in the film. Essentially seeting her up to premiere in more films and possible Marvel-centric Disney Plus projects.



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