Empowering Black Voices & Creatives Through Action: A Conversation With Sofia Stanley, Esq. Sony Pictures Executive Director Of Operations,Litigation

By Evan L. Jackson

It’s so incredible to the look at the myriad of Black voices and creative that make up the magic of Hollywood and pop culture writ large. What often is unseen is the unsung heroes of Tinseltown such
Sofia Stanley, Esq — the Sony Pictures Executive Director Of Operations,Litigation. She’s part Media strategist, pop culture enthusiast, advocate for Black creativity and all heart with a passion for the culture.

After our two hour discussion I had discovered something quite fascinating, we still had much more to decipher , analayze and our insight too.
She continues this conversation as Co-President of the Black Employee Organization at Sony. So many gems we chose to embark on but I want you take a look for yourself.

Sony Pictures Executive Director

Of Operations,Litigation


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