TWENTY-FOUR H (24H) "Beyond The Stage" Campaign 24H COVID 19 Relief Fund Presented With United Way Of Southeast Louisiana: Help Assist Gig Workers In Entertainment

Comedian Affion Crockett & Porcsha Coleman

Written by Evan Jackson
Photos by Photo by Arnold Turner/ATA for 24H

The "Beyond The Stage" live virtual streaming events help support the gig workers of entertainment. From the non-contracted workers, professional photographers, make up artists, communications teams, public relation professionals, entertainment journalists, and many more.

Organizing this amazing effort is TWENTY-FOUR H (24H) that has joined with United Way Of Southeast Louisiana and leading entertainment executives, companies, and organizations to launch the 24H COVID 19 Relief Fund. What is so incredible is the overwhelming support from those within the industry. From Comedian Affion Crockett to Actress Porscha Coleman.

The "Beyond The Stage" Campaign hopes to encourage and inspire those in the industry out of work and displaced because of COVID-19. Many have lost their jobs and are being assisted through the stimulus checks by the government but that is not enough for the gig workers who depend on event to event for their paychecks. That includes makeup artists, photographers, public relation professionals, and more. Please tune in and also please contribute! Information is below. 

Comedian Red Grant & YoungEZ

                                              Streaming Partner: WorldCast Live 
Charity Partners: United Way Of Southeast Louisiana
Brought to you by: Twenty Four H (24H)
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TWENTY-FOUR H (24H)  "Beyond The Stage" Campaign 24H COVID 19 Relief Fund Interview 


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