Romel Rose "Because Of The Intertnet" Private Screening

Photos by Evan L. Jackson
Written By Evan L. Jackson

In this era one of the conversations we're having is if Social Media is a gift or a curse when it comes utilizing it as a tool - professionally for career purposes and personally to seek meaningful or arguably equal, meaningless relationships. It is all for show? Well Director Romel Rose tells us his take through his film "Because Of The Internet".

Along with his Rose Productions crew, Romel wrote, directed, and Starred in this film about a self-indluging 20-something who faces the harsh reality that his social media presence is the main problem stunting his progress. I won't give too much away but Romel dives deep into the psyche of what it means to be wrapped up in the world of Social Media through his character.

A very topical and on point subject for today which even seeped into the Q&A hosted by Project Pit head hancho Carlton Epic, after the premiere of the film, which turned into a full on discussion : If it's not on Social Media does it count? Some said you need stay on Social Media to be relevant for the sake your career others scoffed at that idea because they feel like talent should win out. If you don't show your significant other on Social Media is that disrespectful? Some adhere to privacy while others thought it was a clear sign of being ashamed of your partner. Romel didn't just create a movie he created a conversation piece, a lightening rod on the litmus test of how hot you are in your respective field to the depths of how deep is your love.

The main theme of the evening though was love yourself and from there you can grow. Not quite separating himself from his character he said he use be him, a self involved - superficial socal medite but then it clicked for Romel, this isn't a good way to get ahead, to make a real success out of your life - so he turned his cautionary tale into a film. He admitted to still having his vein moments every now and then like everyone else but now he's a lot more conscious. The morals of the film you can say is be mindful of the people who actually love you, follow through with real life goals that you set for self, and don't t swipe away your self worth seeking that click or like.  


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