Designer Brya Nicole's Vision Board Brunch

Brya Nicole is a designer, an entrepreneur, and an outright truth teller when it comes to mapping out a plan to achieve your goals. She organized an incredible pool of talent to have her Vision Board Brunch at the Granville in West Hollywood, California. Walking in to the Vision Board Brunch, Brya had everything on deck to make a vision board plus her on special touch - an acountability notebook to keep yourself and your 2018 goals on track. Those who attended the Brunch were Writer, Producer, and Journalist Meagan Faison, Model & Philanthropist Garrika, Beauty Blogger and Photographer Marchena Manti, and Entertainment Personality Kay Gabriel among others.

Brya started off the Brunch with saying as a child her mother would make her do a vision board, a tone setter for what's to come. That is possibly why for those who envision their dream becoming a reality it's never a surprise, they knew this moment was coming. Over mimosas and mastermind plans the women started on their boards. Entertainment Personality, Radio Podcaster, and all around dynamo Kay Gabriel opened up about why having a vision board is important and keep focused on your plans is key, even in the midst of multiple distractions. She admitted she's not exactly where she wants to be but as soon as she stopped focusing on everyone else's blessings and tended to her own she was happier. That combined with being consistent in her efforts to reach her goals made it possible for her to live her best life. Brya's Vision Board Brunch was a think tank in disguise where powerful women connected off the strength of their passions. With each woman there contributing it was refreshing to see an event that was inspiring, purposeful and fun.


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