2017 LA Fashion Week

A good fashion show has you intrigued with the designs and impressed with the presentation. A great fashion show leaves an indelible mark, almost leaving you with that feeling of you wanting to  recreate that experience. I felt that feeling at the LA Fashion Week at the W Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California. As I entered the top floor of the W the layout of LA Fashion Week was phenomenal. A wall filled with roses to my left, a red and white rose-filled tastefully done red carpet to my right, and in front of me a wall dedicated to the iconic artist Andy Warhol. I appreciated the effort and recognized the intent behind the night's festivities even before it began. The statement was clearly 'Fashion Is Art'. LA Fashion Week was a visual palette with so many flavors yet nothing clashed. It felt like an art gallery and nothing felt more like that when Laurel DeWitt presented her designs where the models were presented as "living statues". It was outstanding how in sync the models were walking gracefully to their pedestal. It was a stunning spectacle to see them so still juxtapose with the designs that said so much. The intricacy and detail was impeccable. The night was hosted by Designer Vanessa Simmons and it as if we were all in a living museum. The way LA Fashion Week was curated made it the creme de la creme of fashion shows and I can not wait to see where they go next.


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