'Black Coffee' Show Premiere

'Black Coffee' Show Premiere: Creating Laughs, Blending Talent And Breaking Stereotypes
Cast & Crew of 'Black Coffee'
Known for his stand out Drake parodies on YouTube that have skyrocketed George Khouri rising star you would be pleasantly surprised that he is also a writer and director. Venturing into his first original creation George has made the innovative new comedy show Black Coffee. It centers around four hot-shot Black entrepreneurs in the D.C. area coming together to co-own a coffee shop. 

George discussed all the characters in his series as being a culmination of people he came across when he was in D.C. Interesting enough George does not have the majority of scenes yet he his standout character steals the show. He serves as a comedic touchstone in a landscape that is more true to form them its web series counterparts.  Support this new comedy that exemplifies diversity and sure to provide many laughs.

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'Black Coffee' Writer & Director George Khouri

Actors Doug P. and Norman Towns, Producer Gabe Griggs, Actors Norman McKenzie, Keith Cherry, and Joshua Triplett

Actor Norman Towns and Assistant Director Jasmine Hester

Actor Joshua Triplett and his daughter Jaidyn Triplett

Assistant Director Jasmine Hester, CEO of Young, Bold, And Regal Evan Jackson, Actress Rayven Nicole, Bisou Body CEO Fionna Wright

Q&A with the Main Cast

George Khouri On Choosing D.C. To Showcase Diversity on Black Coffee:"Let's Show The Success"


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