How To Get A Press Pass

by Evan Jackson

One of the most frequent questions I've gotten this year as it pertains to covering award shows, red

carpets, and events is, 'How do you get a press pass?'. People want to know how do I get access to

these events. I'll let you know exactly how I got a press pass and what steps you can take of your

own to get one as well.

Research! Research! Oh, One More Thing...Research!

If you want to acquire a press pass you have seek these events out. You have to be in the know about

events especially if it's nearby. Physically write out all the events you want to attend in a journal and

write down important details. Keep in mind the deadline as well to obtain press credentials. Press

releases for the award shows or events provide information such as where it will be held, at what

time, the list of presenters, and list of nominees. There should be an application for you to apply for

press credentials on the award show or event website if not reaching out to public relations groups

and publicists is crucial to getting that press pass. It's not only up to you to apply for the press pass

but to be persistent enough to request one. Writing a cordial email to the PR group or PR person will

show them your interest in the event and a great opportunity to showcase your work.  

Treat Yourself As A Professional

Yes, I admit to geeking out after seeing a huge movie star at an event but I kept in mind I am here to 

make connections and inform people about my brand. You may have looked up to these celebrities 

but currently these are now your peers. In some cases even your competition! And ideally you would 

want to collaborate with these stars beyond taking a picture with them. Taking yourself seriously is 

abut knowing vital information such as who's nominated at the award show or knowing the people 

and organization hosting the event. And I can not stress this enough BRING BUSINESS CARDS

Having them ready will make your pitch (which we'll discuss more later) that much easier.

Also make sure you're website and links related to your brand is up to par! You are basically 

auditioning for that movie role or requesting that interview as they scroll through your site. Will they 

give you an opportunity? Only if you take it as seriously as they do.

Dress To Impress 

If you go to an event especially an award show look your best! If you’re a guy invest in a nice suit, 

get it tailored, and top it off with some nice dress shoes. I’m not saying break the bank but you need 

to look the part. If you’re a woman buy a nice evening gown for that annual award show you attend. 

The key is to blend in with the crowd and the atmosphere of the event. Imagine, what if you find 

yourself on the red carpet? Will you be satisfied if that picture makes it's way on to an entertainment 

site? Remember your presentation is a part of your brand. 

It's A Combination of Who You Know And What You Can Offer
Ok, so you go to an industry event or award show you have a press pass and you follow all these

steps. Then you meet a PR professional or an important person in the industry, what next? The

number one question is what are you offering. Why should they continue to reach out to you and

keep you in mind for the next event. You've already impressed them with your presentation but now

its time to make a lasting impression with your pitch. Figure out what is the main story of your

brand. Weather it's  an online publication you own, an organization you're a part of, or your career

you have to entice people to be interested in your story. And please add personality to your pitch, it's

a fun way to loosen up and avoids your pitch from becoming formulaic.

Now you're ready! Take plenty of pictures, make lasting connections, and most importantly have fun!    

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