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A CEO’s Mind: Kayla Greaves Interview 

by Evan Jackson

Speaking with Kayla Greaves, a budding writer and communications professional, I took note of the fact she has a fiery passion for discussing and writing about substantive issues. As a native of Toronto, Canada Kayla Greaves is the former promotions and communications coordinator for Urbanology Magazine. She’s written for print publications in Canada and around the United States such as Industry and Upscale Magazine and online publications Blavity and urbanologymag.com. She’s always looking beyond the surface with each subject she touches on. Her desire to showcase the truth of each topic she writes about enhances her message and amplifies her voice. The nice blend of her skills as a communications professional and creativity as a writer allows her to have a unique perspective. With a mind of a CEO and a pen game that will only get sharper Kayla Greaves will leave an indelible mark on this world and her contributions will be remembered in time.

How did you develop your writing style and how would you describe it?
Finding my writing style came with time. I have a background as an academic writer, so that’s different from writing for public relations or writing an opinion or culture piece for a magazine publication. I would say my writing style is informative and engaging. I’m not interested in writing fluff pieces. I always look for the deeper meaning. I want to make people think.

Growing up in Toronto, Canada how has your culture influenced your writing?
Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I had experienced a lot of discrimination. Because of that, I tend to focus on my pieces on women, in particular black women and also issues relevant to black people. I think it’s important to speak on our issues. I’m proud of who I am and I know who I am and in my writing I can express my views thoroughly. When you are passionate about a subject it’s easy for your frustration or anger to be lost on in the message. When you write, you have to write it in a way for people to read it. I like the challenge of writing a piece I’m passion about, but also having my message come across clearly.

How do you see yourself growing as a writer?
I could see myself in the near future as an editor. Eventually down the line I could see myself creating my own magazine and publishing a book. But for right now I’m focusing on building my writing portfolio.

What was your role as the promotions and communications coordinator for Urbanology Magazine?
I started out as an intern for Urbanology Magazine. I was able to move up to the position of promotions and communications coordinator. So, I would do their press releases, help with promotion campaigns, social media etc.

As a communications professional how has your expertise in that area helped you in your writing career?
Writing for public relations is different from doing editorial work. But through this, I’ve learned how to write for different audiences, and how to structure my work accordingly. I started off writing for Canadian publications, but then decided to make the transition to writing for magazines and online platforms in the United States because I wanted my articles to have a wider reach. I also found that writing for American publications, having your own personality and voice was more so encouraged.

How do you see the communications/Public Relations world evolving forward in this social media era?   
Social media is going to become absolutely vital going forward for all companies. I don’t think some companies fully understand social media and how it’s a direct link to the people. Going forward companies have to have a strong grasp on it, especially when it comes to a social media crisis.

Where  do you see yourself as a writer and communications professional in the future?
 I don’t know where life’s going to take me, I want to dibble and dabble and everything is subject to change. A goal of mine though is to publish a book. I want to tell a story for black women. It would be a mix of fiction loosely based off my own experiences, and the stories of the women I’ve come across.

Where can people reach you and read your work?
People can reach me on twitter or instagram @KaylaAGreaves and my website, kaylaagreaves.com


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