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For The Love Of Music: Lucy Sarabia Interview 

Music journalist Lucy Sarabia is a contributing writer, producer, and host. As a native of Long Beach, California she has gravitated towards anything related to music. Her work can be seen on Power 106 Big Boy’s and her own blog For The Love of Music where she gives the latest news in music and entertainment.

Home Town: Long Beach,CA

When did you take an interest in music?
 In my house on Saturday morning my mom would always play her Spanish music while she was cleaning so I’ve always grown up listening to Spanish music from her. My brother was a DJ and he would spin hip hop records on his turntables in his room so I not only got my English music from him but mostly my hip-hop which I fell in love with instantly. I remember listening to Tha Dogg Pound, 213, Puff Daddy, Mase, Naughty By Nature, and Outkast. I could go on and on but I got it all from him.  As I got older I just wanted to be involved in anything related to music. I started to apply for internships at several music and radio outlets. Power 106 was the only place that contacted me back and that’s the one I wanted the most so that was pretty cool. I am currently still a contributing writer for Big Boy’s website Some of my inspirations are Oprah, Cristina and I really enjoy watching interviews from the breakfast club, Big Boy & Rikki Martinez from Power 106. Big Boy has a way with people and makes them feel comfortable with his personality and Rikki Martinez is great with in depth questions.

Which type of music is your favorite?
 Hip Hop is one of my favorite genres, not because some artists talk about the girls and the money, but because I can relate to it on a different level. I find it exciting. I’m very interested in older generation artists also because I like how they stay relevant in a new era of music.  I’m drawn towards the artists who are lyricists and great storytellers. I love Spanish music because it’s so passionate. When you listen to it you feel every emotion and you can connect with the music on a whole different level than English. One of my favorite artists is definitely Shakira, I love to listen to her older Spanish albums.

What inspired you to begin your blog For The Love Of Music?
 I felt it was important to have my own website to brand myself. I would like for my blog to be a big music outlet that people visit every day to get their music/entertainment news.

What are your plans for expanding your brand?
 I want to conduct more interviews in Spanish and network more with Spanish music networks and artists. As a Spanish speaker I feel the need to have a bilingual music outlet because I believe it’s important for this time in music. I would also like for it to be an important outlet to where I can give other people the opportunity to write for For The Love of Music.  As for future plans beyond music journalism I want to be a news anchor and report on hard news.

What have been your favorite events that you’ve covered and which events are you looking forward to cover?
 Power House and Cali Christmas were my favorite events and the biggest events I worked while I was interning with Power 106. It’s just a different world backstage, it being so hectic, running around loading videos, it’s just a whole different world backstage. I look forward to covering most of the music award shows. So The Grammys, BET Awards, and the Billboard awards.

Who is the most memorable person you’ve interviewed and who would you want to interview?
 My favorite interview so far is Hip Hop artist Shade Sheist. I felt like I learned a lot about west coast hip hop and I loved listening to stories he told. I’m from Long Beach and like I said some of the first hip hop I was exposed to was 213 and Tha Dogg Pound so it was amazing to hear stories about Nate Dogg. I would like to interview Shakira, Janet Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell and so much more.

What was the most rewarding part of being a producer and host of a show?
 It was a challenge, but also a very important and exciting time for me.  It’s exciting to have people listen to you and call in and mostly support you. Being able to do what you love and having support from everyone is the best.

Why do you think it’s important for woman to be represented well in the music journalism world?
 I think that it’s important because we need to be taken seriously in this business just like in any other. It can be tough as a woman being around a lot of men and not get hit on here and there so our actions and the way we carry ourselves is very important for our representation in the media.

How do you balance being a mom and your career?
It can be hard, but you have to find balance, time management and just give everything it’s time.

How has your Latino heritage influenced your career?
When I was growing up I felt that Latinos weren’t really accepted and we had to overcome that and we did. Now I think we’re in demand, being bilingual is an advantage in the media today. We’ve come a long way as Latinos and I’m very proud of that. I am proud of my culture and of where I come from. I think in our culture we sometimes have a lot of negativity and it’s important to teach the next generations that anything is possible no matter where you come from. You just have to work hard and be consistent. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. If you have a dream, believe in yourself and work hard no matter what anyone else has to say. I want to be someone who inspires the next generation of journalists and Latinos. I want to be the person that made them believe in themselves and inspired them to keep going.

Where can people reach you?
They can reach me on my website, and on Instagram: @Lucydarling27 & Twitter:@lucydarling27


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