The Five Women You'll Meet In Your Lifetime

By Evan L. Jackson

You will come across many women in your lifetime and these five have one thing in common: You love them for who they are and who are we kidding? You wouldn't change a thing. So think about all the women in your past and see which woman she is or ladies ask your self which woman are you? These are the five women that you will meet in your lifetime.

The Free Spirit

You were drawn to this woman because of her free flowing nature. You love her for her adventurous side and spontaneity. She marches to the beat of her own drum and follows her own path. You'll either join her or leave her be.

The Career Woman  

This starts as the motivated and driven girl you want to ask out in college but she's too busy studying. She turns out to be the most successful one in her group of friends. You can't fault her for not being there all the time because she's probably closing that million dollar deal.

The Man Eater 

If you approach this woman wrong at the bar she will chew you up and spit you out. You'll either run away or run towards he accepting the challenge. Who doesn't want a woman with standards? Plus that means your daughter will have high standards.

The Ridiculously Hot Woman

Despite the teases and the jabs from your friends no woman is  out of your league. So when you come across this woman have the confidence to know she's with you for all the right reasons and she'll love you even more because of that

The One That Got Away 

She's the one that got away. Your friends love her, your family loves her, and even your dog loves her! Don't let any pettiness get in between this once in a lifetime woman. GET HER BACK!!


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